MetExplore Web Service

This web ser­vice allows users of the Met­Ex­plore web­site to pro­gram­mat­i­cally access their data.

Met­Ex­plore web­ser­vice is built using a REST­ful archi­tec­ture. All results will be given in a Json Format.

Imple­mented Functionalities:

Biosource Requests:

Our Web­Ser­vice allows users to retrieve the com­plete list of the net­works pub­licly avail­able on Met­Ex­plore. the rest of our web ser­vice uses inter­nal iden­ti­fiers for biosources. In order to find the cor­re­spond­ing id for a spe­cific net­work, use the following


Exam­ple: http://​met​ex​plore​.toulouse​.inra​.fr/​m​e​t​E​x​p​l​o​r​e​W​e​b​S​e​r​v​i​c​e​/​b​i​o​s​o​u​r​c​e​s​/​1363

This will retrieve the spec­i­fied biosource from the pre­vi­ous list.{YOURBIOSOURCEID}/{Entity}

Accepted val­ues for the {Entity} para­me­ter are:

For exam­ple, use :


To retrieve the full list of metabo­lites of the pub­lic net­work 1363, the Human metab­o­lism global recon­struc­tion Recon 2.

The same syn­tax is used for each class of Bio entity:{YOURBIOSOURCEID}/{Entity}/{Identifier}

Accepted val­ues for the {Entity} para­me­ter are:

For exam­ple:


Will retrieve infor­ma­tion on the metabo­lite M_​Glc_​D_​c (D-​Glucose in this case) present in the pub­lic BioSource 1363, the Human metab­o­lism global recon­struc­tion, Recon2.

Link Requests:

This new fea­ture allow to link bio­log­i­cal enti­ties within a sin­gle biosource.

For exam­ple you can link metabo­lites and reactions:


This spe­cific request will also out­put the inter­ac­tion type of the reaction/​metabolite link:

{“idReaction”:“ 939201”,“idMetabolite”:“1106903”,“interaction”:“in”}

in means the metabo­lites is an input of the reac­tion whereas out means the metabo­lite is an out­put of the reaction.

How­ever, if the reac­tion is reversible. Metabo­lites will be present twice as an in and an out interaction.

Note: Links requests are reversible, so




will out­put the same results.

Here is the list of avail­able link requests:


For inter­op­er­at­i­bil­ity between batabases we also added the fol­low­ing link request for metabolites


Graph Requests:

This new fea­ture allows users to retrieve a given biosource in a Json­Graph for­mat. This for­mat can then be imported in our visu­al­i­sa­tion tool, Met­Ex­plore­Viz (doc­u­men­ta­tion here)

Here is an exam­ple of the full graph of the pub­lic net­work 1363, the Human metab­o­lism global recon­struc­tion Recon 2:


Note: For large net­works, this request can take a few seconds.

The graph a user retrieves can be fil­tered upstream by one or sev­eral path­ways with this type of request:


This will out­put the pre­vi­ous graph fil­tered by two pathways:

The generic syn­tax is

pathwayidlist=(pathId1, pathId2,…, pathIdN)

The path­way ids can be retrieve by select­ing the “id” attrib­utes given by this webservice: