Find­ing your path through net­work complexity

Remark: if video qual­ity is low you can change it to HD once in full screen mode by click­ing on the gear in the bot­tom right corner.

Get­ting started

Select­ing a BioSource

Fol­low­ing video will show you how to select a BioSource. You can right click then click on “select BioSource” or you can dou­ble click on the BioSource line.

Path­way based filtering

This video shows how one can select a path­way (or a selec­tion of path­ways) and fil­ter all the other panel con­tents based on this selec­tion. For instance, only the reac­tions belong­ing to the path­way will be displayed.

Search a metabo­lite based on its name

This video shows how to find all metabo­lites con­tain­ing the string “glucose”.

Pop­u­lat­ing the cart

This video shows how you can add reac­tions to the cart. Cart will then be used to build the net­work in the visualisation.

Cre­at­ing net­work visualisation

This video shows how it is pos­si­ble to visu­alise the con­tent of the cart.

Dupli­cat­ing side compounds

This video shows how to dupli­cate side com­pounds. In fact some com­pounds like CO2 are involved in many reac­tions and thus tend to cre­ate visual arti­facts in the rep­re­sen­ta­tion. Met­Ex­plore allows list­ing them and then dupli­cat­ing these side compounds.

Map­ping metabo­lites & Path­way enrichment

This video shows how to map data on the net­work and get Set Enrich­ment sta­tis­ti­cal test results.

Export net­work data in excel

This video shows how all infor­ma­tion con­tained in a net­work can be exported in excel spreadsheet.

Func­tions avail­able for reg­is­tered users


Sim­ple video to show how to log in once you reg­is­tered on Met­Ex­plore web­site (link to reg­is­tra­tion page)

Import SBML file

This video shows how to upload an SBML file in a pri­vate repos­i­tory on MetExplore.