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Here is a list of Met­Ex­plore fea­tures appear­ing in ver­sion 2.5

Cre­ate and edit meta­bolic net­works (Net­work cura­tion panel) [for reg­is­tered users]

  • cre­ate a new BioSource from scratch,
  • add new reactions,
  • add new metabolites

More fea­tures to han­dle your BioSources [for reg­is­tered users]

  • share BioSources with others
  • delete BioSources

When a fil­ter is applied, panel titles are updated to show fil­ter impact on all the elements

Auto­matic col­or­ing of metabo­lites in the visu­al­iza­tion based on com­part­ment localization

New web ser­vice functions

  • Retrieve the com­plete list of Bio enti­ties from a sin­gle net­work. The same syn­tax is used for each class of Bio entity
  • Retrieve pre­cise data of a spe­cific entity in a par­tic­u­lar BioSource. This uses the unique id of the entity inside the scope of the net­work, its identifier.

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